Our DIY Pots for Succulent Plants

June 30, 2017

Our DIY Pots for Succulent Plants

What’s not to love about these potted succulent pots?  They’re fun to make, cost-friendly and eco-friendly!  I plan on surprising my team with these lovely personalized pots.  Hoping they will love them!

The succulent plants took over Pinterest and Instagram by storm sometime in 2016.  They bring color to your home and require very little maintenance.  My black thumb has managed to keep them alive for months now so I’m the living proof that anyone can keep them alive for probably years to come.  

Project time length: About 1.5 hr & overnight drying time

Budget: approximately $25 (with my 20-25% off Jo-Ann coupons) 

Keep in mind you’ll be able to make several of these pots with all the materials you’ll have acquired!


  • Terracotta Pots (Jo-Ann Fabrics) => $2.48 each including the saucer
  • 2 Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint (Jo-Ann Fabrics) => $2.98 ($1.49 for a 2 fl oz bottle)
  • FolkArt Extreme Glitter Glue (Jo-Ann Fabrics) (optional; I used it to give the streak/brushing effect)=> $6.99 (5 fl oz)
  • Metallic Gold Sharpie (Jo-Ann Fabrics) => $3.49
  • Foam Brushes (Jo-Ann Fabrics) => $1.49 (set of 5)
  • Rocks/Pebbles (Jo-Ann Fabrics) => $2.99
  • Rubber Bands or Painter’s Tape (Home Depot) (optional if you can’t keep a straight line) => $2.27 (scotch masking tape)
  • Succulent Plant (Home Depot) => $3.68 (they range from $3.33 to $3.68)
  • Cactus/Palm/Citrus Soil (Home Depot) => $3.84 (for an 8Qt bag, couldn’t find anything smaller)

Here we go! On your mark, set, go! HAVE FUN!

Step 1

Paint your pots inside and out with your chosen base color (I did 2 coats for a good coverage). Let dry overnight for 2 reasons:  First, so that your chosen paint color for the rim doesn’t get mixed up with your base color and turn into another color.  Secondly, if you were to use painter’s tape or a rubber band at the bottom of the top rim to help you paint it straight, no marks (peeled off paint) will be left when removing it.

*Tip:  Paint the rim and the inside first. Why? So that by the time you start painting the base of the pot, the inside and the rim will have already dried off a bit. You’ll be able to grab onto these areas to help you paint the base (without making a mess with paint all over your fingers).


Step 2 (optional)

Apply the glitter glue to the top of the pot’s rim and the saucer’s rim if you want that brushing effect you see in my example. Those glitter grains create that streak look.  Let dry for about 5 mins.


Step 3

Paint your rims with your chosen color.


Step 4

Use your metallic sharpie and have fun. I would strongly recommend practicing your art on a piece of paper first so you don’t end up having to cover it with your base paint that’ll need to dry again so you can start all over with the sharpie.


 Step 5

Apply a little layer of rocks then a layer of soil.

Step 6

Insert your plant and add more soil around it.



 Remember they need little watering. Too much h2o will kill your low maintenance plant. 

*Tip: Use a spray bottle which will help you control the amount of water and also help distribute the water more evenly.

Hoping this little tutorial will or was helpful to you.  Would love to hear from you as to how this project worked out for you!




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