Hello!  I’m your everyday white-collar worker!  My motto is to live a happy and full life all the while remembering that positive thoughts can turn a bad day around.  I persistently am in the search of personal fulfillment and achievements to have that sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.  Can you relate?  Do you want to feel like the being that you are and the things you are able to offer can in some way somehow make you feel like you matter on this planet?  I do.  I want to feel like what you would call a Z-list rock star, yes, I said Z-list, but still a rock star with my own little made up entourage.   I’m all about living with no regrets and living a life full of failures and successes that would make some real good memories to ponder on later in life.  When I’m ready to go, I’ll be able to say I LIVED!

So, welcome to a personal blog into my life, where I'll showcase my talents, express ideas, share my adventures full of fun and successful moments, including some silly bloopers as well as some organizing tips because, yes, I am an organizing freak.  A freak when it comes to having a clean and functional space.

I’m Lulu, one of the founders and curators of the original items in this shop and one of the artisans behind our unique handmade pieces.  This shop is on the list of things that allow me to experience some personal fulfillments and makes me feel like the Z-list rock star I want to be.

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