DIY Mailbox Makeover Step-by-Step

September 08, 2018

Mailbox Makeover for curb appeal

After having lived in our new home for 4 months, I was itching to make pretty things happen and improve our curb appeal. This of course wouldn't be an exciting makeover blog without the before photo. Tada!!!!! 

Mailbox Makeover, New Mailbox Post, New Address Post

I cannot tell you how excited I was to see my dad pull over with his truck on this fine and sunny Saturday morning. In my eyes, dad is handy Superman! I called him up literally the day before to give him a visual of the mailbox project and he showed up the next day! As a DIYer, I'm really lucky to have him because he loves building stuff from scratch...wink wink ;)

Mailbox Makeover, New Mailbox Post, New Address Post, Sunflowers in hanging basket Mailbox Makeover, New Mailbox Post, New Address Post, Sunflowers in hanging basket Mailbox Makeover, New Mailbox Post, New Address Post, Sunflowers in hanging basket Mailbox Makeover, New Mailbox Post, New Address Post, Sunflowers in hanging basket

Project time length:  About 4-5 hours. Like any new projects, multiply the time you expect to be done in by about 2 or 2.5 and you'll come up with the real completion time...

Budget: approximately $176 (+ or - $4 depending on the # of digits in your house #) If you ask me...that isn't bad at all considering the fancy ones you can buy out there going for $250-$550.

Shop top deals at


  1. White Whitley Plastic Post Mailbox - Home Depot
  2. Gibraltar Mailbox Elite white post mount mailbox - Home Depot
  3. Vinyl post sleeve/jacket (with a minimum length of 44") - Home Depot
  4. 4"x4"x54" cedar tone pressure treated premium eased edge deck post - Home Depot (you can get 2 of these cedar posts or 2 of the pine ones noted below if you'd like; I had to get one in pine since HD ran out of the cedar one).
  5. 4"x4"x54" pressure treated pine wood premium eased edge deck post - Home Depot
  6. Waddell Corner Bracket (5"x2 1/4"x7") - Home Depot
  7. Waddell Corner Bracket (9"x2 1/4"x11") -Home Depot
  8. Black Veranda 4"x4" post cap solar powered plastic (2) - Home Depot
  9. The Hillman Group 5" Black Steel Numbers (3) - Home Depot - Update! These may have been discontinued (or at least temporarily). Here's a link to another similar product: Everbilt 4" Black Metal Numbers
  10. Black iron curved plant bracket (9.85"x0.354"x5.74") - Home Depot
  11. Quickcrete 60lb bag of high strength concrete mix - Home Depot - Update! This item may have been discontinued or (at least temporarily). Here's a link to another product that will do the job: Sakrete 80lb concrete mix  

Late Night Shoping? Buy Online, Pick Up In Store

The Home Depot Logo

Tools you'll need:

  1. Post Hole Digger
  2. Level
  3. Measuring Tape
  4. Hammer
  5. Drill
  6. Screw driver
  7. Circular saw to cut the wood for the solar caps (tip: Home Depot can cut the wood you buy from them for free)
  8. Water (for the concrete mix)

Special Buy of the Day! Today Only Savings from The Home Depot! While Supplies Last - Online Only.

White Mailbox Makeover White Mailbox Makeover White Mailbox Makeover White Mailbox Makeover

What time is it? It's DESTRUCTION time!

Mailbox Destruction for Makeover Mailbox destruction

Now time to dig some holes and let the makeover countdown begin! Dig 2 holes about a foot apart and a foot and a half deep.

White Mailbox Makeover White Mailbox Makeover

Then insert the posts into the holes. Please make sure to use a level so they're straight! Who wants to end up with that wobbly and crooked mailbox?!

White Mailbox Makeover Mailbox Makeover

Time to get the concrete ready and fill in those holes. Add water to the mix and if you happen to have some rocks laying around, pour those in too! There's no way you'll end up with a wobbly crooked post after that.

Pour water in with concrete mix Mix rocks and water with concrete mix

Time to work on the solar caps. Since they are meant to fit on top of wooden posts, we had to cut 2 little blocks from the old post we tore down and screw those caps to it. These will then be inserted inside the vinyl sleeves posts.

Solar lantern caps on top of cut wooden post

Next guessed it! Slipping the vinyl sleeves over the posts.

Mailbox Makeover

Things are starting to take shape, right? Let's keep rolling...Now, simply attach your mailbox to the post (refer to the guide included in the box).  

We've got a couple more steps for you before you celebrate this achievement: Screw the corner brackets into place with the larger one in the front and the smaller one in the back. FYI: I painted them after they were mounted...because I didn't have enough patience to wait for the paint to dry before mounting them. To wrap up this white theme, I used the BEHR semi-gloss paint I had left from a wood trim painting project in the house.

Mailbox Makeover

Let's put the finishing touches! I wanted to give our number post a little pizzazz, so I grabbed the cap that came with the vinyl post sleeve and set it in place around the top. How about adding 1 more wow factor by screwing an iron plant bracket to the post! Tada!!! Voila!!!

Mailbox Makeover, New Mailbox Post, New Address Post, Sunflowers in hanging basket


DIY Mailbox Project, Mailbox Makeover, New Mailbox Post, New Address Post, Sunflowers in hanging basket

Our next projects (which will have to wait since my handy dad is busy redoing his roof) is a couple pairs of exterior wooden shutters and a wooden window box. I CANNOT WAIT! I LIVE for home makeovers! Let us know what you think. Hopefully, we gave you as much details as possible to make it easier for you.

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