Showcasing our succulent plants in boho-inspired hand painted pots

August 26, 2018

Succulent Plants in Boho Handpainted Pots

We were eager to share our favorite houseplant display ideas and boho design inspiration with you. We wanted some of our pots to be a step-up from the standard look, so we looked no further than our boho rug (from World Market) for some inspiration. We handpainted terra cotta pots with various tribal patterns we found on the internet. Sometimes less is best (especially when smiley faces is all you remember drawing in the last 10 yrs), so some modest arrows, vertical and horizontal lines and x's were just what our pots needed to give them the bohemian vibe. If you need some painting techniques tips check out this earlier blog: diy pots

Handpainted succulent plants terra cotta boho pots

We definitely brought our ladder shelf to life by adding an assortment of succulent species, sizes and pot styles. With this shelf propped up against the wall, this area of our living room has become the eye-catching focal point by bringing in the magic of nature indoor.

What do you guys think? Have you hand-painted pots before? Do you have plants on display in your house?

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