About Us

Bedao Boutique started out for 2 reasons:  Our dear parents in mind and the notion that you only live once and you may as well make it fun and worth living. Those parents we are modeling after are some true hard-working human-beings who have proven so in many different facets of life through its ups and downs.  Our parents are aging yet still working hard on their feet just about every day.  They’ve instilled in us this idea that if you’re a good person and you work hard and never give up, eventually good things will come your way.  The name "BeDao" is a nod to the creator's nickname and a reference to an Asian life philosophy. In our own interpretation, "BeDao" means "to be a good person and living your life the right way, the way you want to live it".

Our reviews and photographs say it all! They sum up the dedicated work of our professional and hard-working team!  We are known for having a fast shipping turnaround and at BB, our obsession with color is what sets us apart. Check out our reviews!  Bedao Boutique is a family run owned business who loves to curate and hand make unique pieces and deliver them to your door at a great price!  It's a unique online gift shop based in the Chicago area that ships merchandise worldwide. We have grown tremendously since our official launch in May of 2016.

On a personal level, we love diy projects and are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. With the little window of time we have left at the end of every week, we'll do our best to remember documenting our diy adventures. Take a peek at our blog section for some projects that will hopefully inspire you. 


The nice and hard-working Bedao Team