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About Us

Bedao Boutique is a unique and inspiring online gift shop based in the Chicago area that ships merchandise worldwide.  Our team is dedicated to bringing you the most thoughtful gifts and latest fashionable trends for clothes and accessories.  Make a lasting impression as a great gift giver with our original and unique gifts for your family, friends, and colleagues. 
When it comes to our personalized jewelry collection, we are very passionate about handcrafting keepsakes that will touch your heart and those of your loved ones.  We want our jewelry to connect with you on an emotional level and help you celebrate special people in your life.  Whichever message you would like to convey on your jewelry, whether it be in English, French, or Spanish, we can create it.  These keepsakes make perfect gifts. Taking time to create a sentimental present for someone is much more valuable than picking something up at a store.  What will yours or your loved ones say?
The name "BeDao" is a nod to the creator's nickname and a life philosophy.  In our own interpretation, "BeDao" means "to be a good person and living your life the right way, the way you want to live it".