Laptop/Documents/Book(s) Sleeve with buckle (Beige)

Everyone knows that you're supposed to dress for the job you want, so why wouldn't that adage extend to the tools of your trade? To make sure your beloved laptop is equally as sharp as that wit of yours or that your documents are well protected, go ahead and upgrade from that neon collegiate case. It provides the perfect protection from rain, dust, scratches and light impact damage.

You will receive a very classy soft to the touch, lightweight felt laptop/folio case. The added buckle and corners lend a sleek look to your bag.  Environmentally friendly material, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. It is the perfect case for business, travel, leisure or school. Stand out in the crowd and be ready to receive lots of compliments from your friends and colleagues (and even strangers)!


♥ Small or Medium felt dark gray laptop/folio case with a closure and corners made of vegan leather

* 13" - Small will work for any laptops with a *circumference measurement totaling 28.25 inches or less. Its depth is 9.375".

* 15" - Medium will work for any laptops with a *circumference measurement totaling 33.75 inches or less. Its depth is 11.375".

* circumference measurement is your laptop's length multiplied by 2 + height multiplied by 2

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